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Established in 1996, MAX is the manufacturer of Quality lifts. We have two well equipped factories in an area of 15000 sq.ft., in Delhi. Till now, we have successfully installed over 1000 lifts in variety of sectors. We have been steadfastly focused on manufacturing and delivering the best lifts in the industry. We have been a reliable name for elevators. We have Good Financial Position & TQM and have never compromised on quality. Ever since our inception, our approach has been to create the equipments that do not cause problems. Every lift is designed & developed on AutoCAD and is passed through the result of over 1500 formulas, so that every piece be flawless. Further, our products are backed by an extremely dependable after sales service. We are dedicated to scale down the maintenance requirement to minimum thereby increasing the customers' satisfaction.

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Our top lift company in Delhi is a specialist in supplying, installing & maintaining top class products

The elevator undeniably serves extraordinary solutions that are added to any of the multilevel. This is because it can save a lot of time energies by facilitating convenient access as well as mobility. The elevators take the hassle of walking up multiple stairs. The vertical transportation products are capable of moving vertically upside and down, carrying both the people as well as the goods from one floor to the another. Apart from being the best elevator products, it is equally important to carry out its repairing and maintenance on regular basis for ensuring smooth functioning as well as the overall safety of the passengers. Nowadays vertical transportation has become quite common, and more and more multi-level buildings are installing it for providing ease of mobility. There has already been immense innovation in this industry. Even the material cost has also been reduced significantly, making it must to have for every type of building. The independent lift company is a specialist in supplying, installing, and maintaining several distinctive types of vertical transportation products for both the residential and commercial markets. The company has a reputation for supplying premium-grade equipment that possesses an extremely long service life.

We serve as the premium source for buying best vertical transportation products

Being the best lift company in Delhi, it is already supplying and installing vertical transportation products in offices, apartment blocks, schools, medical facilities, and many other places. Due to the long-term agreement with many of the leading lift suppliers of the world, the firm can extend the specialized custom solutions for many of the projects. The team works in close association ​ with the customers for understanding the exact nature of their project, its needs and providing the custom solution for meeting specific requirements. The ultimate goal of the top lift company in Delhi is to provide a cost-effective equipment solution with less maintenance cost and upgrade program without any compromise in quality. The companies strive to deliver the best possible vertical transportation solution and services to maximize the potential life. With immense pride in the understanding of both the vertical transportation products and customer requirements, the best lift company in Delhi ensures that the existing product is kept running smoothly throughout its life. Due to the modernization in the elevator industry, there is a boost in reliability, comfort aesthetics as well as eco-efficiency in the advanced solutions.

We have earned the legacy of being industry pioneer in being best lift company in Delhi

It is not only going to extend the life span of the product but also imparts the flexibility of replacing the entire or just individual parts. By earning the legacy of being an industry pioneer, the company has the vision to impart people the freedom to connect, and at the same time move in today's faster and smarter world. The extraordinary elevator solutions are created for every passenger in all types of buildings for keeping the moving all the time. The latest technology is made assessable with a minimum of expenses, for ensuring a smooth mobility experience without any compromise with the safety of the passengers. With some of the leading projects in government agencies and many of the maintenance contracts, the company has already carried out the installation of many elevator products all over the country. This includes the installation of commercial lifts, material lifts, industrial lifts, goods lifts, goods passenger lifts, Factory lifts, loading lifts and many other types of products. During the installation process, the smooth, as well as sound operation of the elevator, is assured for imparting extraordinary experience to the passengers. Today India stands as the second-largest market ​ for elevator products. This is due to the rapid pace of urbanization, flourishing real estate with an increase in the number of multi-storeyed buildings.

What we do?

Customized solutions

The top lift company is capable of comprehending the reality and providing some of the most extensive assortment of solutions to fit in. The experts are upbeat for carrying out examinations and providing you with the greatest customization for meeting all your unique necessities.


With many decades of experience in installation, and serving the clients from all the facets of their lift ownership, the applied knowledge combined with extensive experience simply manifest into the extraordinary installation.

Upgrades and modernization

Our company takes care of all the upgrades to the lift, and offers the most effective ways for the lift to operate, by carrying out its updating to the controller.

Repair & maintenance

Our company has already maintained quite a large number of vertical transportation products through the maintenance contract all throughout the country. Our company is capable of maintaining all types of elevator products due to its team of skilled technicians and timely follow-up at all levels of repairs and maintenance. With 200+ maintenance contracts and many of installation projects, our company has become a renowned name in the entire elevation industry. All the equipment is sourced from some of the leading elevator manufacturing ​ companies & ensures that the entire range has high and durability, long service life, and several other attributes.

Here are reasons that makes us one of the best lift companies in Delhi:

Qualitative products

The top lift company in Delhi takes immense care in maintaining the overall consistency in the quality of all the products it delivers by sourcing them from the most established elevator manufacturers.

Experienced and skilled team

Owing to the profound experience & skills of the team, all the customers are kept well informed all throughout the operations and functioning of the procured product.

Competitive rates

Our best lift company in Delhi ascertain the customers that the cost of the supplied equipment is based in accordance to the latest and advanced market trends.

Timely delivery

Our company has already established long-term relationships with many of the reputed customers, belonging to the different industries due to the timely delivery of the world-class products.

The motto of our top lift company in Delhi is to extend world-class mobility solutions

The basic motto of the company is to extend world-class mobility solutions to both enterprises as well as individuals. It is actually the strength of coordination as well as the teamwork that keeps the best lift company in Delhi stay fully focused, ready to meet all the challenges that exist in the vertical transportation ​ industry. All the products are manufactured through the utilization of high- grade raw materials, that are being imported from the extremely reliable vendors of the international market. it is this particular reason that the entire product range offered by the company is being acknowledged by the extensive customer base, owing to its matchless features like convenient mobility, easy operation, low maintenance, long life, corrosion-resistant, and several others. All our vertical transportation solutions strive to uplift the standard of the individuals, while they are moving around. So the company provides a seamless vertical transportation service owing to its high level of engineering knowledge and intelligence. The aim is to deliver brilliance to the doorstep of each and every client due to the features of security, safety, style as a component of the elevator products. The Maxlift name itself is being associated with the highly advanced and most trusted elevator supplier in the country. Differentiated due to high-end innovation, advanced technology, extraordinary quality, and customer service, all these factors have contributed to its scaling up towards a new level of success. The top lift company in India is undeniably one of the most reliable organizations that are committed to delivering world-class products and extraordinary service. It is due to this particular reason that it is owing to an extremely satisfied customer base in the domestic and international market. The top lift products are extremely efficient, convenient to utilize, maintain and repair at the same time. The customers are offered advanced live products that are extremely energy efficient.

All our products have been designed and developed keeping in mind safety as well as reliability

All the products have been designed and developed keeping in mind the safety as well as the reliability. All state-of-the-art vertical transportation products come at an incredibly affordable cost. Are you looking forward to purchasing the elevator for your home/ office/ factory/school/ medical facility or any other ​ establishment? But you don't have the basic knowledge about the advancement in elevator technology and what sort of vertical transportation is best suited for your unique needs? If yes, then our team of experts is here to assist you in getting acquainted with all types of elevator products so that you can make an informed decision about the type of lift that best suits your unique building requirements. The company specializes in providing the lifting supply, installation & maintenance of almost all types of elevation products. From the initial consultation to lift installation and maintenance, the best lift company is here to assist you every step of the way in delivering comprehensive packages that guarantee your utmost customer satisfaction.


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